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Hi! I'm Carolin Thiergart and I am from Berlin, Germany.

In 2019 I started to combine my two passions, dance and photography and began photographing dancers and circus artists.

My focus in photography is combining the art of dance with our local surroundings. Seeing the beauty in everything, getting creative together with other artists and capturing all those different personalities, styles, talents and stories are definitely some of my favourite parts of my photography projects.

You're interested in working with me? Don't hesitate to contact me. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!


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"Portraits with a story to tell. Berlin-based photographer Carolin Thiergart takes composition to a new level with her visual storytelling."

"Carolin's photography is truly diverse. Her ability to transform movements into single moments with a modern edge and professional quality is inspiring!"

— EyeEm Mobile GmbH

“What I like about working with @carolinthiergart is that she truly gives you the freedom of being yourself. When she gives you a suggestion, you feel she's genuinely looking for solutions. She is truly respectful of you and her own work. And that's something rare in dance photography. Even if your personal style is too different from hers she manages to find a place in between so everything looks coherent. 🥰
I'm just giving a shout-out to her work and especially her work ethics.”

— Diana Mora, Dancer

“The shooting with Caro was super pleasant and relaxed. Very open-minded photographer, with whom you can feel super comfortable and also count on great pictures. Always a pleasure!”

— Nina Rausch, Trapeze Artist

"The work of Carolin combines architectural photography with dance photography in a special artistic way. Not only the motive of the dancer is in the foreground but the whole composition of the picture leaves a lasting impression - the dancer rather seems to be a part of the photographic story, embodying various emotions and triggering them while watching. Sometimes it is passion, sometimes the power and strength, and sometimes the calm that emanates from the photograph. Her work inspires me and the style she has in mind complements my own photography when working with her, which makes creating with her very pleasant. Not only do I find her photography worthy of support, but I would like to thank her once again for the art and photography projects we have done together so far and for her support."

— Victoria Basel, Photographer

"Since we first met her, Carolin has always shown a unique perspective in her work. She is an extremely talented photographer who instinctively knows how to highlight all peculiarities of the models she shoots with and has the incredible skills to aesthetically capture time and movement in her stunning shots."

— Beazy UG

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